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Infected Bites Service

Please visit the NHS website to get more information on how to manage bites or stings:

This service is available to patients residing in and registered with a Midlands region GP Practice PLUS, in order to support with ongoing winter pressures with immediate effect we may now also treat patients that reside elsewhere in England but that are temporarily resident in the Midlands area.

Infected Bites Symptoms

Redness of skin 

Pain or tenderness to the area 

Swelling of skin 

Skin may feel hot in the area surrounding the bite 


No signs of systemic illness or sepsis 

No uncontrolled co-morbidities and can be managed with oral antimicrobials


How does the service work?

The pharmacist consultation is provided by NHS England and is free of charge.
If you require antibiotics you will have to pay the standard NHS prescription charge of £9.65 or get them for free if you are entitled to free NHS prescriptions.


Is this suitable for you?

Before you can access the service, our pharmacist will discuss the eligibility criteria with you.


How to aid healing

Hygiene measures are important to aid healing and stop infection spreading to other parts of the body and to other people.

•Wash the affected areas with soapy water
•Wash hands before and after touching skin
•Avoid scratching affected areas and keep fingernails clean and cut short, wear cotton gloves if necessary.

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